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Warning : Youtube overload ahead.

Ok, and after much hesitation and made-up excuses,yesterday I finally went Zumba-ing :-) Part of the hesitation is because I’m a total kayu when it comes to dancing. I can do aerobics, I did Les Mills’ BODYATTACK™, BODYJAM™ and BODYSTEP™ before but from what I’ve seen on Youtube, Zumba is more on the Dance part. And I’ve said it before, kayu. I find it very difficult to move my legs and hands at the same time. Rhythm-deaf. Apa lagi mo Shimmy. *sigh* Jadi sa malu-malu meow sikit la.. anyway, since I’m not doing anything close to exercises these days, I’d better join and learn some dancing. Lagipun, I can bring my kids along. Under 12 F.O.C :-) Where? Zumba Fitness With Joyce & Nancy at Donggongon Library every Tuesday & Thursday, 6:30pm :-) so, Joyce, now I got 1 free class kan? 😛 hehehe

oops! sorry, I digress.

Have you ever seen the Gummy Bear song on Youtube? That song [as well as all the other songs sang by the green gummy bear and the green gummy bear itself] is very annoying, but strangely catchy I found myself singing to that song while driving in my car! Total weirdness!

Oh I’m a gummy bear, yes I’m a gummy bear..

My kids, especially my son watch the Gummy Bear video every day. From the Gummy Bear Song, to the Spanish version

Then comes Nuki Nuki Nuki, Sweeter than a cookie..

The day before yesterday, I heard the Cho Ka Ka O..

Honestly, when I first heard the Cho Ka Ka O, I thought it was Susu Kau or Suka Kau 😉

Yesterday, heard another song

And today on my way to work, suddenly I realized I’m singing Bubble Bubble Up, Bubble Bubble Up, Bubble Bubble Bubble Up, Blup Blup Blup Blup Blup Blup Blup..

Aduh.. ganjil!

So, have you watched all the videos yet? You’d have to agree with me that it is annoying kan? but then again, less annoying and the face is less disgusting than the Crazy Frog Ring Ding Ding, don’t you think so?

While writing this post, I stumbled upon a video where kids are dancing to the Gummy Bear song.. quite nice.. the steps are very very easy.

Looks like Zin Mommy is going to have a mini Zumba Session with her Zumba Family later this evening. Zumba Family Members being Ellone, Xavier & Cherry 😀

So, unconsciously singing along to Gummt Bear now? 😛

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