Chapter 2013

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So… welcome 2013, huh?

My 30 Days [Blogging] Challenge is unfinished – again. That was my second attempt and I failed yet again.

The hosting provider that I’m currently subscribing to has increased their subscription fee. RM600++ for 2 years? RM100++ for 3 mths. I don’t remember paying that much before.

Anyway… what to look forward to in this chapter? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…………….

Honestly, no idea at all.

A trip to JB and Singapore, maybe?

Read all my To-Read collection, perhaps?

Finish all my pending [crochet] projects?

We’ll see..

Til then, bye ppl


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As i peeked through the dusty window, my heart wondered if the key to the door still worked. After all, I haven’t been here for so long – well, even if I did, it’s just to unload some random stuff without so much as taking a look around.

After contemplating for a few minutes, I finally decided that I should go in. The keys worked, just as i have thought they would be, but the hinges of the door creaked so loud it startled the birds perched on the windowsill and they flew scattered, scared.. Oops.. sorry birds :-)

It was dark inside. I walked slowly to the window and opened the curtain to let the sunshine in and OWH MY GOD!! The thick dust from the curtain swirled around it became a blinding mist and I choked, coughed and sneezed. When my sneezings stopped, I finally opened my eyes and realized.. there are cobwebs everywhere!



 Hehehe.. sorry people.. you must be wondering, what happened next? well, sorry to disappoint you.. I wasn’t realy talking about an abandoned house here.. I was just thinking that if my blog was a house, that’s how it would look like right now. thick dust and cobwebs everywhere..

I’ve been wanting to write a proper entry for quite some time, but everytime I began typing, I got distracted and the excitement to blog disappears just like that! I wanted to write more, but I guess I keep getting mental blocks these days..

Anywhoo… now that I’m here, let us clean them cobwebs as best as we can, shall we?

Now, the reason I’m here today is because I wanted to whine. I’m sorry this might annoy you but I’m allowed to whine in my blog, ok..

I’ve been having something weird on my right eye for a week now. It started on Monday. When I woke up, the first thing I noticed was that my right eyeball – yes, eyeball – is painful. It was still dark outside so I switched on the lights and realized that there’s definitely something on my right eye that’s blocking my view, although I didn’t feel anything foreign in it. Went to the mirror and tried to see if there’s any strands of hair or anything else but nope, there’s nothing there.. I rub it gently for a few time, still my view remains the same.

I thought, owh well, perhaps I slept on the wrong side of the pillow and accidentally put pressure on my right eye. don’t worry Mimi, come afternoon, your eyes will be perfectly normal again. Afternoon came and go but the “blocking thingamajiggy” stayed on. That evening, as I was driving home, traffic was slow as usual in front of the Federal House so I decided to “play” with my eyes. I closed the bad eye and my vision is perfect, but when I close my good eye, I saw a thin black cloud shrouding my vision. I could still see but it’s like the colors are off – it’s like they have a tinge of light gray or light brownish on them. It’s like I was looking out of a tinted windshield. That got me scared. I tried googling about painful eyeball and cloudy vision while I was on the road but nothing seems to ease my mind.

That night, I called my dad but he asked me to give it another day. If it’s not ok by the next day, he said I should see a doctor. Owh alright.. I’ll give it a day.. but the funny thing was, I ended up giving it a whole week!

*iklan : my hubby called and Selena Gomez’s Love You Like A Love Song Baby went on the air hehehe..*

So, this morning, since the kids spent the night at their grandparents, I asked my husband to take me to their panel doctor. I think the best way to deal with “unknown discomfort” is to visit a general practitioner first and see what’s their thoughts on the matter. After about 3 minutes – checked my throat, checked my lower eyelid, looked closely at my eyes, put a finger in front of me, pressed my eyebrow – he said he didn’t know what’s wrong.

Ooh.. I heard a loud gasp over there.. heheh… now before you say more, let me finish my story. He said, he couldn’t find anything wrong in general with my eyes. There are no infections whatsoever so he advised me to see an eye specialist. Since all specialists clinics are closed on Sunday, I went home feeling slightly more worried than before. Googled for eye clinics in kota kinabalu and a few came up on yellowpages, no proper website except for Optimax. I saw that they have Eye Problems section on their page so I read them. When I get to Glaucoma, it felt like I’ve hit a number on Bingo. No.. not Bingo yet, but a number on my Bingo card came up!

It says :

Glaucoma is a disease that characterized as permanent loss of vision as a result of damage to the optic nerve in the back of the eye, by an increase pressure of the fluid in the eye.

I thought to myself, this could be it! So I googled again for the symptoms… – life is so easy nowadays with google, kan? There are actually a few types of Glaucoma but I noticed that I have more “checks” with Angle-closure Glaucoma. The symptoms for this particular Glaucoma is :-

  • Severe eye and head pain *check
  • Hazy or blurred vision *check
  • The appearance of rainbow-colored circles around bright lights
  • Nausea *check or vomiting
  • Sudden sight loss *check

Then, I clicked on Google Image and when I saw this image :-

Glaucoma. Photo courtesy of National Eye Institute, NIH

I was like “Yess!!!! That’s how my vision looks like!!” Another hit on my Bingo card!

Although, mine was slightly more on the right side and less on the left side.

So, I couldn’t wait. I’m going to make an eye appointment tomorrow. I hope I can get one as soon as possible!

Will update soon.. bye..

Day 07 – A picture of someone/something that has the biggest impact on you

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Hello people..

Here I am on my 7th Day Challenge. In today’s challenge, I’m supposed to post a picture of someone or something that has the biggest impact on me. Again, this challenge was a bit delayed because I’m not really sure what ‘something’ or who’s the ‘someone’ that ‘has the biggest impact on me’.

Now, before i carry on, I’d like to let you ppl know that I had an interesting day this morning. I saw something very inspiring, very uplifting and this indirectly had made me realize who are the ‘someone’ important in my life – those special ‘someone’ that have made a big impact on me [and hubby too, i believe].

These two are my special someone. I believe all mothers would agree with me that when our baby had first arrived in our lives, as ready as we may have thought we were back then, it still felt as if our world has been turned upside down, rotated 180°. I remembered there was this one time when I asked my hubby a few weeks after Ellone was born, “When will our lives be back to normal again?” to which hubby replied, “Honey, THIS is our normal lives now”.

Come to think of it, I have actually posted 20 things that change when you have a baby a few years ago. These sums up all the impacts they had on me :-)

Ok, I guess Mission Accomplished again, but I’m not done yet 😀

Now I’d like to share the ‘something inspirational’ i mentioned earlier.

This morning, we went to Public Bank for their Roadshow. There was a Coloring & Art&Craft Contest which Ellone took part and while the kids are doing the contest, the parents are introduced to their insurance product related to children’s education. In his intro, the speaker said something about us wanting the best for our children. He then showed a video, which is also available in youtube about a father who took his physically disabled son to compete in Ironman Triathlon, one of the toughest triathlons probably in the world!

Ok, maybe some of you had already seen this video but this was my 1st time watching it and it moved me so much it even brought tears to my eyes. Lucky the lights were dimmed 😀

It shows just how much the father loves his son and he would do everything to fulfill his son’s wish – he wanted to give the best to his son and mind you, the dad is not young anymore owh..

I later found out that this father and son are Dick & Rick Hoyt and together, they are known as Team Hoyt. Rick was diagnosed as a spastic quadriplegic with cerebral palsy and he’s not able to walk or speak. A machine was built for Rick to help him to communicate and with the help of that machine, they learnt that Rick loves sports. Rick told his dad that he wishes to compete in a race and soon, they began taking parts in  races, marathons, duathlons and triathlons. Very very inspiring…

So, have you watched the clips yet?

American Idol : Top 12 Result Show

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My little bird stopped by to give us the news and here is what little bird has to say…

Haley Reinhart is in the bottom three – again. That’s 2 in a row..

Naima Adedapo is in the bottom three.

Karen Rodriguez is in the bottom three as well.

America decided that Haley & Naima should stay another week. Karen sang for The Save, but the judges decided not to use it.

Good Bye, Karen Rodriguez

Day 05 Challenge has been postponed

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In the Day 5 challenge, I’m supposed to post a picture of a place that I’ve been to but I’m officially postponing this challenge until further notice. Amboi2… pandai2 pulak mo postpone 😛

I’m not procrastinating again, people… This particular challenge is HARD ok! not that I’ve been to so many places but I’m trying to select a picture that speaks a thousand words – that describes ME. It says, A PICTURE – that means, 1 only and I have quite a few shortlisted now.

So let me take my sweet time selecting / sorting out the pictures ya.. who knows, I might end up posting all of them 😀

Til Then.. tata..

Day 5 Mission – Failed!

Happy New Year 2011!

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Yes, the wish is waaaaayyyyyy overdue!

BTW, do you realize? We’re are already in the middle of January! People… Betul bah?? It will be end of January soon and before you knew it, I would be writing Happy New Year 2012 already! So I’d better not procrastinate anymore.

Last year, has been totally neglected. I apologize… it’s just that I’ve been living in a whirlwind lately – lately as in these past few years, not past few days or months k.. plus, I was in the “Darkest Moment” of my life bah kunun so I couldn’t find anything interesting or bright or cheerful to blog about. Everytime I made an attempt to write, I tend to complain about almost everything – it’s as if I’m angry to the whole universe. Every little thing ticks me and so, I decide to save my dearest friends from my “wrath” and chose not to blog. Maka, that’s why lah last year I only have 6 entries. SIX????!!! Ya, six.. pathetic!

But… but but but but but… listen. This year, as part of my 2011 resolutions kunun, I promise I’ll blog at least once a week, walaupun it’s only rubbish. And please forgive me if i sound drunk, I’m not. I don’t drink.

And so that I can fulfill my promise, I decided to join in the fun with the ladies – my good friends Rina & Laurah – and do the 30 Days Challenges! [it may become the 30 Weeks Challenges for me] If you’re interested to know what’s this all about, head on and click on the link. Sorry, I’m too lazy to write it down :-)

Ok, I’m supposed to start on Day 1 challenge today, but I’m sleepy *yawn*… i guess i’ll have to do it tomorrow – or next week..

Toodles people… *YAWNNNNNNNN*

Happy Independence Day!

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For the past few weeks, my daughter came home from school reciting some words & phrases that I soon learned as the 8 Nilai-nilai 1 Malaysia. Everyday, before she went to bed she’d say :

Keh taba’an (Ketabahan)
Keh setia’an (Kesetiaan)
Peh nerima’an (Penerimaan)
In ter giti (Integriti)
Meh ri to ka si (Meritokrasi)
Rendah Hati
Budaya Kecil Melangan (???)


What on earth is Budaya Kecil Melangan??

I kept asking her whether she’s sure the last one is Melangan and she confidently said “Yes”. and then she went on and on again.

Curious on what the word Melangan meant, I made an attempt to google it.. yes, i’m that pathetic. none of the result make sense to me. according to Mr. Google, Melangan is a proper noun, a name of some island in sarawak. i ‘ve never watched the news or read the paper so i had no idea that my daughter was actually reciting the 8 values of 1Malaysia.

Last Saturday, they had a Merdeka Day Celebration at their school and while waiting for the event to start, some slides related to Hari Kebangsaan were being displayed. It was then that I was finally enlightened, finally learned about the things that my 5-year-old daughter recited every night and finally learned that it was not Budaya Kecil Melangan; it’s Budaya Kecemerlangan!!

Doiii… apa la punya mommy… serves me right for being ignorant!